Collective bargaining reports

The results of the EFBWW research project on ‘Wages in the Construction Sector’ of the European Union, funded by the European Commission, are now available. The research, covering 9 countries, was carried out by Ernst-Ludwig Laux in 2008-9. The explicit aim of this comparison was to improve the coordination of sectoral wage bargaining between trade unions in EU member states. It can be seen as a renewed attempt to resolve the contradiction between, on the one hand, the single labour market and national diversity within territorial demarcations and, on the other transnational employers and national trade unionism. The additional report provides the wage levels in 6 other countries.

You can download the reports here:

English version Collective bargaining in construction & Additional report 6 other countries (English)

German Version Tarifverhandlungen Bau & 6 zusätzliche Länder

French version Les négotiations collectives dans la construction & 6 pays additionnels