CLR-Studies 1



EU Enlargement: Construction Labour Relations as a Pilot (2003)

Linda Clarke, Jan Cremers, Jörn Janssen




The authors examine inside companies and branches how the labour relations have crumbled down after the demise of the planned economy in Central and Eastern Europe. They observe an unceasing disintegration of trade union organisations and a decrease of collective bargaining in CEE countries. Their conclusion is that in these countries a decent safety net of social security and protection is missing. The necessary fundaments for social dialogue and agreements between social partners about labour rights and collective working conditions are underdeveloped and therefore social dialogue lacks solid underpinning by active industrial relations. The publication unites the individual country reports through an analytical framework, which traces the present situation in six CEE states (Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) to the demise of the planned economy. The recommendations are directed towards all the actors involved: the social partners in East and West and the EU institutions. The study ends with a plead for rebuilding industrial relations in the CEE countries with the cooperation of the social partners in the EU member states

Reed Business Information, The Hague. ISBN 90 5901 234 8

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