CLR-Studies 5



Shifting employment: undeclared labour in construction (2006)

Jan Cremers, Jörn Janssen (editor)



The main aim of this research was to analyse the phenomenon of undeclared labour in the construction industry and to assess best practices to prevent and combat undeclared labour.

The share of undeclared labour in construction output and employment appears to be much higher in all countries than the average share of undeclared labour in GDP or overall employment. The authors found enough evidence to conclude that:

  • the highest occurrence of undeclared labour relates to work carried out by workers next to their regular job.
  • the status of self-employment is abused, with bogus practices by national citizens as well as foreign ‘independent’ workers entering the market through labour-only subcontracting.
  • dubious agencies and labour traffickers supplying cheap illegal labour mainly from abroad have returned. But “illegal never complain and work hard” and only little “persuasion” is needed because of their illegal status.

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Shifting employment: undeclared labour in construction ISBN 978 90 5727 101 4   (English).

L'emploi décalé : Le travail non déclaré dans le BTP ISBN 978 90 5727 102 1  (la version francaise).

Beschäftigung in Bewegung: Ungemeldete Arbeit im Baugewerbe ISBN 978 90 5727 103 8  (German version).

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