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  The quarterly CLR-News (ISSN 1997-1745) focusses since the start in 1993 on subjects, which have determined its profile as an organ of information and debate on labour and employment in construction. From 2001 on the issues of CLR-News are available as pdf-file.
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  CLR-Studies are publications of the work of the European Institute for Construction Labour Research and its network of academics and practitioners open to related contributions from all sources. For the latest studies and for direct orders: International Books

The free movement of workers in the EU (CLR Studies 4) is sold out. Hard copies in German and French are still available. For a 2nd, unchanged English version: *Free download CLR-Studies 4*


CLR-Reports are research reports that we provide for free download.
  In November 2010 a Leonardo project was finalised with an evaluation of the nature and content of bricklaying qualifications in 8 EU countries. The outcome is published as a CLR-report.

CLR-Studies 5 summarises the research of a project on "Undeclared labour in construction". Twelve detailed country reports are available as pdf-files. See: CLR-Reports.