Regional Offices


Regional CLR offices have been set up in order:

(1) to respond to diverse specific regional and national issues and problems;
(2) to cooperate more closely with the social partners at regional and national levels;
(3) taking advantage of a common language, to intensify the communication of ideas and initiate activities.




They are expected both to initiate activities, regional in origin, which may feed into the European Institute, and to extend European initiatives in relation to specific regional conditions. This implies that the regional offices will develop activities in the same fields as the CLR in Brussels. Instead of CLR-News, the regional offices issue simple Newsletters in the respective language as a means to communicate specific concerns and inform about activities. They may submit book projects to the editors of CLR-Studies.

In terms of organisation and legal status, these regional offices are entirely independent. They have their own address, executive, committee or regulations as they decide, and their own account. Their distribution lists - or membership - are however shared by the CLR office in Brussels. This means that their executive is a subcommittee of the associate membership and every member of a regional office is automatically an associate member of the European Institute for Construction Labour Research. The cooperation between the regional offices is discussed in the CLR Annual Meetings. Another means of exchange is through reporting in CLR-News.

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